Friday, March 20, 2015

First major service call done

Well we've been in the house 3 months. We had a variety of small issues pop up and put in multiple service tickets. The Service Manager came out to take care of them or evaluate. Here's the rundown and remedies:
-French door deadbolt wasn't keyed right. He replaced it and fixed on the spot. 
-Evaluated siding we weren't pleased with. He related there are a few problems and they'll gladly replace in Spring. 
-Cracked sidewalk. Will replace in Spring.
-One Ethernet doesn't work. I tried contacting the vendor previously and got a run around. The SM got right on the phone with them and told them to fix it and stop the run around. 
-Kitchen cabinet door that had a sloppy touchup on (we didn't put in a ticket). He said no problem, was sloppy, will order new one and replace. It was just a minor ding, so we're very pleased. 
-Some interior door and drywall issues we'll take care of at the 10 month. 
-Driveway spalling. The SM was very upfront and said he can't make that decision, that decision is above him and will be evaluated in Spring. 

Overall very pleased. He was super nice and attentive and did not fight us on anything. The majority of our issues with paint/trim/drywall will be during the 10 month. 

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