Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just some more pics

Well 15 days to go. Some general pictures to look at. Again poor lighting, but you get the idea. About 95% done inside and just needs a deep clean. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Locked out and no walkthroughs!!!

It's the final countdown!! 

We asked to get in the house on Sunday but we were denied... :( PM apparently doesn't want anyone in the "finished" houses. I just took a picture of the outside. The shutters really make it. I can't wait until the door is painted and I can see the total product. 

Have a great weekend! 

Update: Door done and lit up. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crazy amount done!

Not sure when they found time to do so much, but they really kicked it into high gear. We initially pulled up and were a little disappointed to see siding not done. BUT it has been below freezing here with high winds putting the wind chill below 0, so we understand. Bridget then said, "Is that someone cleaning our windows?". It sure was! With that I went in and was greeted by the following:
-Interior was being deep cleaned by a crew of cleaners. 
-Carpet done!
-Bath fixtures in
-Garage door openers in
-Interior doors on

Really just missing finishing touches. Power wasn't on for the first floor so pictures were tough since it was almost dark out. Upstairs had cleaners, plumbers and other workers, so I didn't want to be in the way too much. Was so great to see our wood floors! In an odd way, I almost didn't want to look too much, because I still wanted somewhat of a surprise factor. I know sounds weird. Ha. 

Loft. I love our carpet choice. We're going with a grey toned color scheme, so the beige walks currently really doesn't go. 


Powder room

Monday, November 17, 2014

Just some pictures

Everything is VERY dirty and dusty right now and had no available extra lighting, so these pictures are kind of rough, but gives you an idea of where we're at. 

20 days, 23 hours...but who's counting!

Been a bit since a post, so cliff notes version:
-Rate is locked through NVR
-Siding almost done
-Counter tops in, painting almost done, doors ready to be hung. 
-About the only thing left is upstairs carpet, appliances, light fixtures and switches. 

About the only thing I don't like is one window in the Morning Room had an awful drywall job done around it, and I already wrote the PM telling him to correct it. Just waiting for the reply. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

28 day countdown

Railings are in, just need to be stained. Bathroom tile is done and I think we nailed the grout color choice. It was dark inside and some pictures had the flash on, so it washed out the colors. Also siding is starting. I feel pictures are better than me rambling, so here ya go. Ha

Flash on phone washed it out. 

Hate these lights! Already ordered replacement. Ha

Our current backyard view with all the crops cut down and field tilled. 

Replacement lights. Master is a 4 light, and the other two bathrooms are 2 lights. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's lonely around here...

Now that we are one of the last houses waiting to finish and close it has gotten lonely! Hope everyone is enjoying their new house as we hope to be in a month.

I stopped by yesterday and was shocked that our cabinets are in. Reason I was shocked is because Jim had literally just hung up the phone with the PM and he said that they would be installed next week. What? Do you know who you are talking to? LOL! Any way it was nice to see that the cabinets are in. 

I now feel like the house will be done before Thanksgiving and we are going to be one of the "waiters". As far as I can tell they need to put in the balusters, one more coat of paint, carpet, trim on the first floor, and wrap up the bathrooms. I'm calling that it will be done the 20th. That seriously pains me cause I have been so ready to get into that house... 

Here are some pics of the cabinets. Kind of dark because it was already later when I got a chance to go. 
Also here's our driveway poured! ~Jim 

Nice to finally see the new cabinet layout in the Naples model. 

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bath tile almost done

So we popped in and saw the bathroom tile is basically finished and we talked to the tile guy. Was a nice guy and has been doing it for years and the work shows. Basically just grouting is left, and I like when the job already looks good even before grout. The floors are grouted and like a dummy I didn't take a close up to show the grout. In the first pic you can see some grout. It looks dark because of poor lighting. But we did pick a grout that more complements than contrasts with the tile. 

So far I've been impressed with all the tradesmen. The housing recession hit this area hard and a lot of skilled Union trades were laid off. We certainly haven't had unskilled day laborers at our house. You can tell these are skilled guys and we obviously like that. 

And another of the fireplace since we like it so much. Lol

Granite picked out

We didn't go with granite through Ryan because for our subdivision the kitchen alone was $5300 which is way out of line. We went to an independent granite yard yesterday and probably walked passed 200 slabs, and the original color we liked months ago is the one we still like. We decided on Azul Platino. The picture below isn't our actual slab, I forgot to take a picture, but close enough. So we are getting the entire kitchen and both bathrooms done for $4400. Can't beat that. Almost $1000 less AND get the bathrooms done. In our house we really wanted consistency. In our old house, the kitchen cabinets were different than each bath vanity, and each bath vanity was different. Also every counter/sink surface was different. This time around we wanted cohesion and a consistent flow. So the cabinets are the same white Rushmore throughout, and all the granite will be the same too. So the granite place will come in as soon as the cabinets are put in to measure. Then we'll have the granite installed hopefully about 3 days after close. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Finally have a closing date

We got the letter from NVR and our closing date will be Dec. 8th and the new home orientation will be the 4th. So just a few days away from being able to do the 30 day rate lock for the mortgage. Basically all that's left for our house to be done is:

Interior: Cabinets, finish bathroom tile work, trim, carpet, fixtures and appliances. 
Exterior: Driveway, gutters and siding on the other 3 sides. Sod and landscaping will be done in the spring. 

So we're getting there!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Huge progress!

I wasn't there to witness how far things have now come in just a short time, but Bridget reported back to me. 
-Paint done
-Fireplace, done minus one stone
-1st floor wood, almost done
-Cement board up in bathrooms ready for tile
Things are really looking awesome and we are very pleased with our decisions so far. Of course it's hard to tell how nice the floor will truly look until cleaned. 

Family room

Hallway by basement stairs. 

Living room looking into dining room. 

Tile and bathroom