Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crazy amount done!

Not sure when they found time to do so much, but they really kicked it into high gear. We initially pulled up and were a little disappointed to see siding not done. BUT it has been below freezing here with high winds putting the wind chill below 0, so we understand. Bridget then said, "Is that someone cleaning our windows?". It sure was! With that I went in and was greeted by the following:
-Interior was being deep cleaned by a crew of cleaners. 
-Carpet done!
-Bath fixtures in
-Garage door openers in
-Interior doors on

Really just missing finishing touches. Power wasn't on for the first floor so pictures were tough since it was almost dark out. Upstairs had cleaners, plumbers and other workers, so I didn't want to be in the way too much. Was so great to see our wood floors! In an odd way, I almost didn't want to look too much, because I still wanted somewhat of a surprise factor. I know sounds weird. Ha. 

Loft. I love our carpet choice. We're going with a grey toned color scheme, so the beige walks currently really doesn't go. 


Powder room


  1. Everything is moving right along! It has been brutally cold in your neck of the woods. Buuurrrrr! I love that you said you didn't want to look too much so that there is still some surprise factor! Love it! I am so jealous of that loft space! I could think of so many ways to make that space useful! We are almost there!!!

    1. Oh Eboni- we really can't wait. It's so great to finally see it all come together. The house is looking amazing. I can't wait until we are in and can put our touches on it!

      Our countdowns are on!

  2. I have just gotten caught up on your blog and I have to say... I am so sorry yous have been through all this. It's really sad how many people these Ryan employees let down along the way. For us, the circus revolved around our PM. Our house got done "on time" by bribery. I promised we'd develop amnesia and he'd get 10's if, and only if, we were in our house by June 19th (I'd heard that his job was on the line at the time) and he just barely did it. We also kept up our end, but I made my husband fill out the bogus survey -- I just hate not giving my honest opinion.

    That being said, I do believe in the end we have a good home. And I can say from experience that the disappointment you've experienced will most likely start fading away, if it hasn't already.

    I love the Naples floorplan; we had a hard time deciding between it and the Rome. You've got a beautiful new home right around the corner. You will be spending most of the Holidays and begin the New Year in your home.... I think it's going to be fantastic!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I agree. Some of the people Ryan chooses to be the "face" of the company are poor choices. Fortunately the old PM of our community is gone. The lasting effects of him linger though. I find that little things that we should have been told (garbage disposal, louvered door because of a gas dryer, and the biggie was the half vanity in the hall bath) were glossed over. I find myself texting the other residents of the community asking them questions. The new PM is good but very old school. Communication is best face to face. His emails come off gruff. Overall the experience has gotten much better. I also believe that having a third party inspector has been great as well.

    I can't wait to be in the house. It's been a long ride. We are ready to be alone as a family again. Ha ha ha!

    Thanks for the blog about re keying the locks. We will be doing that first thing!