Monday, November 3, 2014

Finally have a closing date

We got the letter from NVR and our closing date will be Dec. 8th and the new home orientation will be the 4th. So just a few days away from being able to do the 30 day rate lock for the mortgage. Basically all that's left for our house to be done is:

Interior: Cabinets, finish bathroom tile work, trim, carpet, fixtures and appliances. 
Exterior: Driveway, gutters and siding on the other 3 sides. Sod and landscaping will be done in the spring. 

So we're getting there!


  1. Yaaaayyy! We will closing around the same time as you guys! I know you all are excited because I am excited for you!!!

    1. Eboni- you know EXACTLY how we feel! I can not wait!!!

  2. So awesome to finally have a closing date!!! You're in the home stretch now!!! Woohooo!!!