Sunday, August 31, 2014

We are backfilled and water logged

We are backfilled and passed Village inspection. Due to the rain our foundation is a swimming pool. Our PM called and said that on:
Tue: 3 piece roughin will go in. 
Wed/Thu: concrete poured and sewer and water tie ins connected. 
Fri: prep for framing. 
Mon: framing starts weather permitting. 

So at least progress is being made. I also researched the waterproofing that was used (Delta MS) and the reviews on it look good, so glad to see good products being used. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Framing...not ours

Well good progress is being made in our subdivision. Even though it's not us being framed, it's good to see things moving along. This is the same elevation Naples we'll be, we're just the reverse. Also, climbing on roofs is one of the few things in life that intimidated me. Bridget got a good shot of the roofer. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Waterproofed and downpours

Waterproofing is on. Not like we'll know if it works because we're having torrential downpours. It's serving as more of a swimming pool liner. This picture was taken in between deluges. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Foundation forms off

Well here's the daily update. Lol. Forms off and the foundation walls can now be seen. Bridget commented on how big the house looks now. On Monday the waterproofing is supposed to go on. Then Wednesday the Village pre-backfill inspection (still debating if having an independent Inspector for pre-backfill is needed or not. The Village is thorough from what I know. But we'll still have our own Inspector for pre-drywall). Then Thursday it should be back filled. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Foundation is poured. Looks like we fortunately got it ahead of some bad weather. If it rains the way the news claims, we'll have an expensive inground pool. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meeting update

Well we thought we were meeting with the VP, but he's actually the President for the region. Overall he was very personable and appeared to genuinely care. He listened to our concerns and at times did appear concerned by what he heard. He asked what he could do to make it right and we gave him some options. I'll just leave that portion vague for now because he said that he'll get back to us in about 2 days and will let us know what the resolution will be. I'll go more into detail then, but figured we'll give him time to "make it right" without putting detail out on the Interwebz just yet. So we did leave with a positive feel and that we do have someone in a high place listening. 

We also have poured footers now which is great to see. Glad they got it done because it stormed bad in the afternoon. 

We also ordered a second table from the place I talked about yesterday. After seeing the quality and price again, to go anywhere else and get inferior quality seemed foolish. We are doing a 60" round for the dining room. Ours will be very similar to this picture, just no dark rubbed border around the outer edge. The staining will be a consistent brown throughout. 

Meeting Regional VP and found our Morning Room table.

Going to be a busy day. Later today meeting with the Regional VP to discuss some issues we're having and to see how they'll handle it. We'll update later. 

Also going to order our custom handmade table for the Morning Room. There's a custom furniture maker not far from us that does amazing work that doesn't cost much more than regular stores. We'll be going with this design stained just a tad darker with our family name engraved. The table should become a family heirloom. It's made of solid Hickory and is made like old world craftsman. 

We also have forms for the footers. Hopefully they'll pour today. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What?!? Two posts in a day.

So... Yeah... I will admit it. 

I drove past three times today. I'm a stay at home mom... Sue me! 

So here's where we are after day one. We are totally dug out. 

Holy crap it feels great to finally have something happen. 

Have a great weekend all! 

It's a fine hole!!

Ground broken!!!

I'm sure Bridget will add more later, but we dropped by this morning to see the ground breaking. Feels like progress! I'll also attach a picture of our Plat so if some are interested to see how the house sits on the lot. Our lot is not big by any stretch, but we're pleased with the way it will sit on the lot (not like we could change 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Staked and boxed

Well we are staked and digging should start on Thursday. Judging by the stakes our backyard won't be all that big and I'm OK with that. Also the subdivisions mailboxes were just installed and I think they're pretty nice looking. 

Friday, August 8, 2014


This is totally my post...

So, I've had the pleasure of talking to the division manager in Illinois about all the shortcomings of our SR. While I feel that things MAY start to go smoothly I'm just not feeling this process and the exorbitant lies...

The water softener issue was my first gripes. There is in fact a water softener in the model so I assumed it could be done in our home. I emailed SR to inquire and she never replied. So we stopped into the model and the other SR called the PM and asked him. PM claimed no they don't offer them and no rough in as well. So I let it go. I was contacted by the division manager after the whole pre construction meeting debacle. I brought up the lack of communication with SR. I told him we had to go in to get answers. Now get this...

He calls me back and tells me that a rough in IS in fact offered. That there are 2 homes in the subdivision who have a rough in!!! 

PM not only told the other SR it was not offered, he also told my husband this at the preconstruction meeting!! 

What is with the lies? Seriously? 

Now the garage door opener. So SR tells us that they are included on both doors. At the preconstruction meeting PM tells my husband only one is. I bring this up to the division manager and he looks into it. MORE LIES!! 

Needless to say we are now getting the garage door openers for both doors. 

Someone gave me the advice to get it all in writing. You shouldn't have to go through this when building a home. I feel like a fool because we've been told lies at every step. 

My advice for anyone who comes across this and is considering building with ANY builder... GET IT ALL IN WRITING. Everything. 

I will say I have been pleased with the communication of upper management. They have been very responsive. 

I think it was Laurlew who said it best. You think they would give you a couple can lights or some outlets for your trouble. Yes, Ryan, you should. Can lights, trim packages, or outlets would suffice just fine. Don't lie about it either... 

Have a good weekend all!

Oh, we are breaking ground on Thursday. I should be excited but I don't know if they are lying yet or not...  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Preconstruction meeting

Well had the preconstruction meeting on the 4th and it was a mixture of positives and negatives. The meeting was myself, the SR and PM and lasted about 80 minutes. Bridget was unable to attend because our SR had told us a time frame we could attend between, which was 10-3. We originally agreed to 1:30pm a few weeks back, but then asked to change to 10am because we could then have a babysitter. Our SR said this time couldn't be accommodated because she had a sales meeting to attend to. We then asked why she said we could schedule during that time, and she said it was an error on her part. We then had to cancel with who we were going to have watch our daughter (a friend doing us a favor). A few days later we received a call that 10am could be done after Bridget took to Twitter (see previous post). But by then the point was moot because our babysitter's schedule was no longer free. But enough of that rant, back to the meeting. 

-We had a slider in our plans, but we're told the French door on the morning room is now standard. So what was a $995 upgrade was now included. Very nice. 
-Full sod front and back
-No problem for them to add cross brace support for wall mounted TV's
-Original plan has exhaust fan in master bath over the toilet in the water closet which makes no sense. I asked to have the vent moved to the shower area, and the PM said it makes total sense, and was immediately approved to change. 
-The rest of the meeting was pretty uneventful and basically covered every option we requested. 

-PM couldn't tell me when they will be breaking ground. Told "maybe this week, maybe next". 
-Best PM could tell me for completion was "December". He said at pre-drywall he should know better. 
-SR told us, and included in an email that with the 3 car garage we got 2 openers included. PM said it's 1 and none on the 3rd car. SR said she thought it was 2. So still waiting for the answer, either way, they will be providing us with 2 free of charge. That's what we were told, that's what they will provide. 
-I'll add more if I can think of it. 

Overall it was not overwhelming or too much info. If anything I wouldn't have minded if we went even more in depth. 

Well since our house is no closer to having ground broken, I figured I'd include some pics of the general area. 

This is the Village's pavilion area where they do concerts in the park, etc. The model can be seen between the pavilion pillars. The houses on the right are from the first builder. The open area in the back will be the home sites. The park area is only a short walk from the residential. 

Splash pad and playground in the same area as the pavilion. Village Hall in the back (white dome). 

Little lake and walking path area. Feels like we are in the country even though we're in an otherwise dense urban area

Google maps view. You can see park in the lower left and Village Hall to the right. I joke that you have to go over the draw bridge and moat to our subdivision. We'll be on Moran with our backyard being a cornfield, which I love!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Follow up to yesterday...

For all of you building with Ryan social media IS YOUR FRIEND!

I was so hot yesterday. Like boiling. After SR told me that she couldn't do the meeting I was just livid. This was seriously the last straw...

So, I took to twitter with my unhappiness. By 6pm SR was calling me with an apologetic voicemail stating that she would make 10am work. Wow! So now because I complained you can make it work? Thank you! I wrote her an email back just telling her to leave the meeting at 1:30. I had already cancelled the sitter( who was doing us a huge favor since she already had to work that day) and I didn't want to now call her back to come. 

So Jim's going alone. It's probably for the best because I'm still extremely hot at her lack of communication and unwillingness to try to work with us. 

Moral of the story:

Social Media is your friend through this. 

Have a great weekend all!