Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Preconstruction meeting

Well had the preconstruction meeting on the 4th and it was a mixture of positives and negatives. The meeting was myself, the SR and PM and lasted about 80 minutes. Bridget was unable to attend because our SR had told us a time frame we could attend between, which was 10-3. We originally agreed to 1:30pm a few weeks back, but then asked to change to 10am because we could then have a babysitter. Our SR said this time couldn't be accommodated because she had a sales meeting to attend to. We then asked why she said we could schedule during that time, and she said it was an error on her part. We then had to cancel with who we were going to have watch our daughter (a friend doing us a favor). A few days later we received a call that 10am could be done after Bridget took to Twitter (see previous post). But by then the point was moot because our babysitter's schedule was no longer free. But enough of that rant, back to the meeting. 

-We had a slider in our plans, but we're told the French door on the morning room is now standard. So what was a $995 upgrade was now included. Very nice. 
-Full sod front and back
-No problem for them to add cross brace support for wall mounted TV's
-Original plan has exhaust fan in master bath over the toilet in the water closet which makes no sense. I asked to have the vent moved to the shower area, and the PM said it makes total sense, and was immediately approved to change. 
-The rest of the meeting was pretty uneventful and basically covered every option we requested. 

-PM couldn't tell me when they will be breaking ground. Told "maybe this week, maybe next". 
-Best PM could tell me for completion was "December". He said at pre-drywall he should know better. 
-SR told us, and included in an email that with the 3 car garage we got 2 openers included. PM said it's 1 and none on the 3rd car. SR said she thought it was 2. So still waiting for the answer, either way, they will be providing us with 2 free of charge. That's what we were told, that's what they will provide. 
-I'll add more if I can think of it. 

Overall it was not overwhelming or too much info. If anything I wouldn't have minded if we went even more in depth. 

Well since our house is no closer to having ground broken, I figured I'd include some pics of the general area. 

This is the Village's pavilion area where they do concerts in the park, etc. The model can be seen between the pavilion pillars. The houses on the right are from the first builder. The open area in the back will be the home sites. The park area is only a short walk from the residential. 

Splash pad and playground in the same area as the pavilion. Village Hall in the back (white dome). 

Little lake and walking path area. Feels like we are in the country even though we're in an otherwise dense urban area

Google maps view. You can see park in the lower left and Village Hall to the right. I joke that you have to go over the draw bridge and moat to our subdivision. We'll be on Moran with our backyard being a cornfield, which I love!


  1. That's so great that you had your meeting! Glad things went well. How nice that you get the French doors - I wonder if that will happen for us? We have our meeting on Thursday, I can't wait! I may suggest the bathroom fan change too.
    Also - your neighborhood is AWESOME! I love the pavilion and the splash pad!!! And how cute that you have a moat!!!
    Fingers crossed for a groundbreaking date ASAP!!!

    1. With the French doors they basically glossed over it and I said to them that we had a slider. I almost goofed and switched back to the slider, but Bridget made me see the light. So if you want the French if inquire if yours isn't changed.

      To me the fan makes no sense to not be by the shower. Our PM basically said he has no idea why the plan hasn't been changed.

      Can't wait to hear about your meeting and hope it goes well!

  2. You're one step closer! Congrats!

    1. Hopefully this week! Thanks Frank!!

  3. Great news!!! I will be cheering for you all!

  4. Cant wait to see this house go up! And I am loving that lake! I'd be fishing all the time if I could :)

  5. You're community is so cute! The splash pad and the lake! That's so cool! I'm a little jealous! haha! We're supposed to have trails put in near near us that lead to the canal but I have no idea how long it will be until that's done!

    If it makes you feel any better they didn't give us a solid start date either. They were like "hopefully this week" and then it ended up being the following week. I think they're afraid to tell people incorrect dates. We also didn't get a really solid close date either, but they said a good rule of thumb is 90 to 100 days from breaking ground.

    Hopefully they get started soon! So exciting!

    1. Thank you, that's what really attracted us to the area. It helps that the park and splash pad was out in and is maintained by the Village. So there's no HOA's or other entities to sorry about. Also there's already about 9 existing houses from the first builder in there from 2007. I read through the Village's Minutes and Agendas, and when Ryan was coming in, the existing residents raised concerns. They wanted to maintain their vision of "Mayberry", yes they said Mayberry. Haha. That's why we have Hardi siding as standard, no vinyl. All exteriors must have some brick or stone. Things like that.

  6. Side note, how do you edit your own reply comments? Stupid typos. Lol

  7. Your neighborhood looks BEAUTIFUL! So nice. It's nice that you all got the french door. I'm crossing my fingers for that. Here's to hoping you all close in December!! That's what I am hoping for although we don't start until September. Anything can be possible right?! Anyway, you guys are going to be moving forward soon and then hopefully can enjoy your beautiful new house! :) So excited for you.