Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meeting Regional VP and found our Morning Room table.

Going to be a busy day. Later today meeting with the Regional VP to discuss some issues we're having and to see how they'll handle it. We'll update later. 

Also going to order our custom handmade table for the Morning Room. There's a custom furniture maker not far from us that does amazing work that doesn't cost much more than regular stores. We'll be going with this design stained just a tad darker with our family name engraved. The table should become a family heirloom. It's made of solid Hickory and is made like old world craftsman. 

We also have forms for the footers. Hopefully they'll pour today. 


  1. Please keep us updating about your meeting! I'm so curious! I hope they try and do something for you to make up for the awful experiences you have had!

    I LOVE the table you are having made. It is gorgeous!

  2. Lauren-

    It looks just like Pottery Barn, but will withstand the apocalypse. So I'm pretty excited! Lol.

  3. That table is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

    Hope the meeting went well. Really hope things start turning around for you guys! Fingers crossed. :)

  4. Here's the website for where we're getting the table. He's in the Joliet, IL. area. He will deliver but have no idea how cost prohibitive it might be. If anything it's cool to go through the gallary and see that craftsmanship still lives. The site can load a bit slow.


  5. Good luck with the meeting guys.

    James thanks for the link, that table is awesome.

  6. Good luck with the meeting - can't wait to hear how it went! Love the table and being able to have your name engraved!!!

  7. Best of luck at your meeting! We are looking at a place in Arkansas to get a table exactly like that too- hmmmm- will check out your guy, it's actually closer!

    1. Chrissie, he's pretty great. It's been an awesome experience so far. His work is unbelievable! Tell him we sent you!