Monday, August 25, 2014

Waterproofed and downpours

Waterproofing is on. Not like we'll know if it works because we're having torrential downpours. It's serving as more of a swimming pool liner. This picture was taken in between deluges. 



  1. Those are some stormy skies!!! How long will the waterproofing have to sit before they can keep moving?

    1. Tomorrow or Wednesday the Village will be doing the pre-backfill inspection, then it will get filled on Thursday. Then I hope some framing starts that next long as the weather cooperates.

    2. I meant to say pre-framing. Put the beams in, etc.

  2. Sorry you're having so much rain! We've been lucky and have barely had any since we started building. It seems to rain only at night around here!

    Things are looking good though! Once they start framing it goes so fast! One weekend we saw some of the first floor framed and the next the entire house was framed! They work so fast!