Monday, January 26, 2015

Cheap storage shelving

So I knew that we wanted to do organized storage for one section of the basement. Nothing is worse than an overflowing basement, and we only wanted to dedicate one specific spot for it so we can finish the basement in the future. I bought what's called Shelf Links made by 2x4 Basics. I'll include a link below. Basically they are plastic links that you then screw 2x4's to. So it's super customizable. You can make it as tall or wide as you want. So I knew I wanted it 16 feet wide and the top shelf about 6 feet tall so I can use it up to the 8 foot basement height. It's standard at 16 inches deep. Now I did modify the shelfs from the plan. You really need a vertical brace about every 4 feet. But I made wood bracing instead of using a Shelf Link to be ultra cheap. Lol. 
Cost: 9 shelf links: $36
40 2x4's 8 feet long at $2.40 a piece: $96
Total: $132
That's not bad for so much shelving. Now it will look far neater when all boxes are gone through, etc. I just kind of threw everything in the shelf to get it off the floor. Also I built it on the fast side, I had better things to do. It's storage, no one will really see it. But it could look far neater and cleaner taking your time. This would work equally well in garages, etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our view

Quick post. Oh the joys of living in a construction zone. Few weeks ago had a flat tire from a nail and a chunk of steel. So we love our view out the back. Serene, snow covered and peaceful. The front is a series of houses in various stages of construction, and nothing like seeing "puto" sprayed on the side. Stay classy subcontractors. Lol. 

Not so much

Undercabinet lights in

Installed the undercabinet lights in a little over an hour. Cost $160 from Inspired LED. It could not have been easier. I used the microwave outlet and just used a 3 way outlet adapter. I'll use the 3rd outlet for a home security camera. All I had to do was drill a few holes to run the cords and used self adhesive LED strip lights. Also got a remote control because it was only a few bucks more than a regular switch. You can adjust from 1%-100% brightness with it. It really makes an aesthetic difference and was basically cheap to do. Also weeks ago I installed a pull out garbage can. $40 at Home Depot and 10 mins to install. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Surround sound installed

Got done with installing front in wall and rear in ceiling speakers. The price wanted from Ryan was insane, so we just paid to have the wires run and then do the rest myself. I'm slow and meticulous, so it took me awhile, but it saved about $1000 in inflated no name speaker prices and labor that the Ryan subcontractor wanted to charge. Not going to lie, there is some pucker factor with cutting into your new walls and ceiling like this. I used high rated Polk Audio speakers and a Yamaha receiver bought from Amazon at a really great price. To the right on the floor is the subwoofer. Had no idea it was going to be quite that big. Lol. So other than making sure you triple check your work to make sure your speakers fit between the studs and referring to the predrywall pictures really made it easy. All I have left in this room is curtains and some pictures. 
Why predrywall pics are great

Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 weeks post closing

5 weeks in already. Just seems crazy. So here's a quick rundown of how things are going. 

We still absolutely love our house. But as with anything, nothing is ever perfect. Instead of gushing about the things we love, I think most people want to also hear the negatives or cons so that if you are currently building, you know what to look for. Or if you already built, you know you aren't alone. Ha. 

This really is a large house, and it has taken me awhile to really look over every inch and just notice all the details and workmanship. I still feel the weak spot is the drywall work. I expected some nail pops, and we already got them. But there were some gouges in walls and a corner bead in the dining room is starting to look bad. We're calm people and know this is basically cosmetic. We also are getting some settlement cracks where wall corners meet the ceiling in a few spots. We will be meticulous and thorough when then come in for the 10 Month. There won't be one blemish or issue we don't mark. 

Our windows feel a bit "leaky" when it's very windy out. The window rep came out, put some foam pieces in and we'll see if it made it better. 

The paint quality just plain sucks. Glad we already started painting ourselves. I know we'll have to repaint areas after the 10 month, but I'm ok with it. 

The front bedroom our daughter is in is about 4 degrees cooler at night than the other rooms. We had the hvac contractor out once to balance the system, we will be calling again. 

The floors all generally squeak, but I'll give it time to settle and dry out and will get any lingering issues resolved during the 10 month. 

Now the big question most people have, "any regrets or wish you picked different upgrades or options?". I can say with 100% certainty and happiness, NO. We really believed we nailed the perfect options for us. 

We are so happy we kept all cabinet colors, tile choices, carpeting and flooring uniform through the house. We feel it makes everything feel cohesive. We personally don't like every bathroom having different tile and the kitchen cabinets to be different colors from the bathrooms. But that's just us. We very much went into this house with a clear design vision and it's all coming together. 

We're glad we sprung for the stone fireplace. In our subdivision they have now increased it an extra $1000. Glad we dodged that bullet. 

Couldn't live without the 3 car garage, and it's well on its way to being an organized tool and work area I've always needed. 

We are so happy we did the kitchen and bath granite with an outside company, and did the backsplash after close. Ryan was simply overpriced and their options slim. 

We are probably 75% done with unpacking and decorating. All furniture is bought and in place. Some drapes still need to be hung, need to finish painting upstairs, but no rush. My surround sound that I'll be installing should come this week. Just have to install the under cabinet lights in the kitchen. From there we're basically done other than hanging pictures and smaller decorating. 

All in all, I couldn't have done this without my amazing wife, and I'm actually shocked we're so settled after only 5 weeks. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

534 Crystals later...

Well finally got our dining room chandelier up. Hanging 534 crystals is just as tedious as it sounds. Ha. Shockingly I didn't drop one. Not the best after pictures because it was dark out and taken with a cellphone.