Monday, January 19, 2015

Surround sound installed

Got done with installing front in wall and rear in ceiling speakers. The price wanted from Ryan was insane, so we just paid to have the wires run and then do the rest myself. I'm slow and meticulous, so it took me awhile, but it saved about $1000 in inflated no name speaker prices and labor that the Ryan subcontractor wanted to charge. Not going to lie, there is some pucker factor with cutting into your new walls and ceiling like this. I used high rated Polk Audio speakers and a Yamaha receiver bought from Amazon at a really great price. To the right on the floor is the subwoofer. Had no idea it was going to be quite that big. Lol. So other than making sure you triple check your work to make sure your speakers fit between the studs and referring to the predrywall pictures really made it easy. All I have left in this room is curtains and some pictures. 
Why predrywall pics are great


  1. Ouch. I'll let hubby know the price factor from Guardian. We have our appt this Thursday night. Great job doing it yourself. Also, just have to comment. I love your tv stand credenza!!!! Where can I find one??!!!

    1. Hi Sterling!!

      Yeah, the Guardian/Procom appointments get pricey fast. Be prepared.

      The media console is the Printmaker line by Restoration Hardware. Pricey but was the look we were going for. They own me until I'm 70 pretty much. Hahaha!

    2. Haha!!! We are debating where to put tv. On opposite wall in family room (but I feel like it's a small wall because it's the wall leading in from our foyer area. Or above fireplace. We elected the white mantle. We are building a white moulding frame from mantle to ceiling after move in.

  2. Great job!!! You all are like us when it came to paying for them to install the speakers/wiring (are they crazy? LOL). You did great and the room looks amazing!