Monday, January 26, 2015

Cheap storage shelving

So I knew that we wanted to do organized storage for one section of the basement. Nothing is worse than an overflowing basement, and we only wanted to dedicate one specific spot for it so we can finish the basement in the future. I bought what's called Shelf Links made by 2x4 Basics. I'll include a link below. Basically they are plastic links that you then screw 2x4's to. So it's super customizable. You can make it as tall or wide as you want. So I knew I wanted it 16 feet wide and the top shelf about 6 feet tall so I can use it up to the 8 foot basement height. It's standard at 16 inches deep. Now I did modify the shelfs from the plan. You really need a vertical brace about every 4 feet. But I made wood bracing instead of using a Shelf Link to be ultra cheap. Lol. 
Cost: 9 shelf links: $36
40 2x4's 8 feet long at $2.40 a piece: $96
Total: $132
That's not bad for so much shelving. Now it will look far neater when all boxes are gone through, etc. I just kind of threw everything in the shelf to get it off the floor. Also I built it on the fast side, I had better things to do. It's storage, no one will really see it. But it could look far neater and cleaner taking your time. This would work equally well in garages, etc.


  1. Looks great! I did something similar in our unfinished area. I used the Kreg jig to join the 2X4's together and plywood for the shelf platform area.

  2. great.. We are also gonna do this this thing for the garage. we bought our first hand saw ever :).