Saturday, February 14, 2015

Siding ripping off!

Well currently high winds here and our siding is ripping off! To say this will be addressed is an understatement!
Now a few hours later. 


  1. Oh wow!!!! That is crazy. Have you already called your PM or someone??

  2. Already contacted the PM, the PM's boss, the Regional President, Twitter and Bridget went into the model and made a scene. Lol. We aren't ones to sit on our butts for sure when something big needs to get done. They won't be able to touch us until Tuesday. We'll be insisting that the entire side is replaced.

  3. Oh no!! Good luck. Hope they remedy it quickly for you guys.

  4. If they used pneumatic nail guns, they may have ha the air pressure set too high which could have possibly gone through the siding.

    1. Chris, I do think that was one of the issues. Also I think they nailed too close to the edge on some and also didn't face nail on each side of the joint. We're considered high wind here (obviously, lol) and those boards weren't fave nailed.

  5. They also replaced the missing boards today. So we're good with this being a temp fix and go for full replacement in spring.