Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brick done

The brick is basically done other than some minor work. You can also see the empty space to the left of the front door by the garage for the address stone. The drywall is done and should be primed shortly. Our kitchen cabinets, interior doors and lights are in the garage so that's a good sign. Still waiting on hearing our actual closing date. So far we are pleased with how things are looking. We love the brick and know it'll look even better once the shutters are put on, along with the rest of the siding. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brick, NVR and progress

Yesterday the face brick started and continued into today and should be done in the next day or two. We were so happy to see it starting yesterday when we saw the crew setting up. We hit Dunkin Donuts and got the crew a dozen donuts and a Box o' Joe. You would have thought we gave the crew a box of gold they were so appreciative. I know being a mason/bricklayer is a tough job and thought it was a little something we could do since I know most of the Trades can get dumped on, was a great idea by Bridget. 

Our brick is Falls Canyon and I was a bit nervous. I've read on some blogs how it looks different than they expected and some were unsure if they liked it. I will say so far it looks different than the sample, BUT I think we like it even more. I know it still will get cleaned off even more and the true colors will shine through more. I did think we were getting grey mortar, but I actually like the color we're getting. 

The drywall is all sanded and both myself and Bridget have a very critical eye to detail. So far all looks real good. No waves in walls viewing it off angle in sunlight. Looks like its been sanded smooth and a good tape/finish job. 

Onto NVR. I really was hesitant to go with them, and I must say they're knocking it out of the park so far. Timely, attentive and polite. Our LO is staying on top of finding out when our closing date will be to lock in the rate. The production side has been elusive to nail down a close date, and I believe our LO is fighting to get us an answer. She also killed Wells Fargo by $700 in closing costs. All I needed to do was show her WF's fees and she came back and got us a better deal I feel good with. Now onto some pics. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Drywalling and brick delivered

Looks like the last coat of drywall mud is on and just needs to be sanded. We got our brick and fireplace stone delivered. Right now the brick is a hard call, it's coated in brick dust and other byproducts of manufacture, so honestly to me it doesn't look all that hot to me. But I know once it's set and cleaned off, it should look much, much better. 

All is looking pretty good, BUT the half wall for the morning room is crazy out of plumb, and my eye saw it right away. I'll bring it up to our PM. I would imagine this gets plumbed when the cabinets are installed, but I'm taking no chances. 

The leaning tower of morning room

Brick delivered

Fireplace stone (nothing like just leaving it chill out front free for the taking. Ha)
Living room
Morning room

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I snuck in the house today. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see all the drywall is hung. Exciting! 

Pics(in no particular order) 

Family room

Looking into kitchen

Mud room


Front door

Going upstairs


Master bath

Master bedroom

I am guessing taping and mud next week. I have to admit I'm getting excited finally. It feels somewhat like a house. I'm optimistic that our experience will improve! 

Happy Weekend! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Home Inspection

Been a bit since I've blogged since we've been busy and also feeling a bit salty. Ha. The same day (14th) we had the predrywall meeting with the PM, we then had our own independent home inspector come in. 99% was good news and he was impressed with the overall general construction so far. Below I'll post the main concerns from the report and then what our PM did to resolve. There was more on the report than I'm posting below, but it was pretty minor things not even worth posting.

PM related that bolt was replaced and problem corrected. 
PM related extra bracing was added and he used foam in between some pipes to make sure there would be no knocking or hammering noise. 
PM related that the HVAC Contractor will come back out and this will be corrected to make them accessible. 

Overall I highly recommend hiring your own Inspector. Even though pretty much everything was minor, that gives you good peace of mind that the right things are being done. 

As the inspection was wrapping up, the insulators were coming in, and today drywall is starting. So it's coming along. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pre drywall tomorrow.

We are finally at pre drywall. Exactly 2 months after ground breaking. I'm hopeful that the pace will pick up at least a little bit from here on out. Jim and I went into the house today after everyone was gone to try to get our questions in order. We noticed a few things.

- we paid for 4 additional outlets. One in the pantry, one behind the tv in the family room, one in the garage, and one behind the loft tv. Well, they got the one behind the loft tv right. Then they added one in our daughters room behind her tv when we didn't pay for that. Funny story about these outlets... Jim was there last Monday when the electrician, Procomm, and PM were in the house. Procomm requested that he come to ensure proper placement of the tv wiring. While he was there the PM asked Jim to specify where the extra outlets went. PM then proceeded to mark them for the electrician. They still weren't installed! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the one behind our daughters tv. But you now owe us the ones we paid for. 

-Apparently there was confusion with our recessed lighting. PM called us to tell us there were too many lights on their sheets. I guess when we're we first sketching everything out and figuring out costs they never removed the extras off the sheet. Well, before they figured it out they installed 4 recessed lights in the master. SCORE! I have to say I was pretty happy about this. They are still there so I'm guessing they aren't going to take them out. Exciting! I really wanted those but I couldn't stomach the $600! -

-We thought we were getting a soaking tub, but it's a jetted tub. SCORE! 

I'm feeling better about things. It's amazing what a few free can lights do for your morale even if it is a mistake. Haha. The jetted tub is an added plus. I feel like the Ryan Homes fairy has come along and sprinkled happy things in the house. Haha. 

I'm sure Jim will be here tomorrow to give you the run down on the meeting.I'm hoping for a closing date in November, so keep your fingers crossed for us. 

Have a good night all!  

Monday, October 6, 2014


Plumbing is in, same with HVAC. Electric is going in now and had the wiring meeting for the surround sound/media jacks this morning. Also garage doors are on. 

Few issues spotted. Myself and the PM agreed it was stupid how the jetted tub was installed. They installed it with the motor facing the shower. Not sure how they thought there would be access to the motor. I compromised and said they could rotate the tub 180 degrees and have the faucet against the wall instead of ordering a whole new tub. Now the access panel will be in the master closet. Now that actually makes sense. 

I didn't like where the thermostat was at in the master bedroom because it would be behind where we want to mount the TV. I pointed to the spot I preferred and the PM and electrician said no problem. Other than that, the interior is actually looking pretty good. 

I like our new PM. He's a no non-sense salty tradesman that seems to be a straight shooter. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our blog sucks.

Hey guys,

I see you all have had big time progress. Some have cabinets, some have siding, others have beautiful tile, and still others are weeks away from closing. I'm trying not to be too envious. 

Here's where we are:
Look familiar? It's because there has been nothing done since the last post. Nothing. The home that started two weeks after ours is now being drywalled. The house across the street that just got started two weeks ago is just about to pass us as far as progress. Every single day I drive by and there is no one in our "shell". We have no HVAC and no electric. Plumbing is ALMOST done. 

To say I'm bummed is an understatement. I read everyone's blogs when I put our daughter down for her nap. Every single day those of you who started a week or two before us jump further ahead. I'm happy for all of you and so sad for us. 

Here's a quick recap of this week:

-I realized that along with our missing window we have three broken windows.

-We have a French door as our option and it's sitting in the garage. The one piece of work they did do this week was install a sliding door. WRONG. I emailed the PM and he claims it will be corrected. 

-There has been a few inches of standing water in the house since it has started. I saw the pump going to get it out finally. Our basement stairs have been sitting in that water for about 4 weeks now. At this point I want new stairs. I know the lumber is treated but I don't think it's treated to sit in water for weeks. 

-it rained a LOT when we were first framed. There was insulation sitting in the middle of the family room when all that rained happened. It was dirty and wet by the time the storm was over. Guess where that insulation is? Stuffed in the wall between our master tub and the wall. Isn't that nice? 

Readers, I promise you I'm not a drag. I'm actually a fun person. I laugh. I live. I have good times. I wanted this to be a happy chronicle of events. At this point I feel like Ryan is Dracula and I'm the victim while they suck the happiness and life out of me. One week they were on a mad dash to do work, now it sits. Today more severe weather rolls in. We are still missing windows so I'm sure our basement will fill back up.... More delays. 

How exciting. 

Everyone else your homes look beautiful! I'm hoping at this point we will be in by the New Year. Still no pre drywall date either. Pretty ridiculous at this point to be at week 6 1/2 weeks and still hanging here with the "shell".

Ryan Homes I know you read these blogs. Do something, ok?