Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brick, NVR and progress

Yesterday the face brick started and continued into today and should be done in the next day or two. We were so happy to see it starting yesterday when we saw the crew setting up. We hit Dunkin Donuts and got the crew a dozen donuts and a Box o' Joe. You would have thought we gave the crew a box of gold they were so appreciative. I know being a mason/bricklayer is a tough job and thought it was a little something we could do since I know most of the Trades can get dumped on, was a great idea by Bridget. 

Our brick is Falls Canyon and I was a bit nervous. I've read on some blogs how it looks different than they expected and some were unsure if they liked it. I will say so far it looks different than the sample, BUT I think we like it even more. I know it still will get cleaned off even more and the true colors will shine through more. I did think we were getting grey mortar, but I actually like the color we're getting. 

The drywall is all sanded and both myself and Bridget have a very critical eye to detail. So far all looks real good. No waves in walls viewing it off angle in sunlight. Looks like its been sanded smooth and a good tape/finish job. 

Onto NVR. I really was hesitant to go with them, and I must say they're knocking it out of the park so far. Timely, attentive and polite. Our LO is staying on top of finding out when our closing date will be to lock in the rate. The production side has been elusive to nail down a close date, and I believe our LO is fighting to get us an answer. She also killed Wells Fargo by $700 in closing costs. All I needed to do was show her WF's fees and she came back and got us a better deal I feel good with. Now onto some pics. 


  1. Awesome update the brick is gorg! I am really glad you all were able to win with NVR. That is always a good sign of relief to NOT have to go to war for yourself right? It's coming along very well!!!

  2. Love the brick! It looks great and I love the detail at the garage door and along the bottom door line. Ya'll are moving right along now!!! Woohoo!!!