Monday, October 13, 2014

Pre drywall tomorrow.

We are finally at pre drywall. Exactly 2 months after ground breaking. I'm hopeful that the pace will pick up at least a little bit from here on out. Jim and I went into the house today after everyone was gone to try to get our questions in order. We noticed a few things.

- we paid for 4 additional outlets. One in the pantry, one behind the tv in the family room, one in the garage, and one behind the loft tv. Well, they got the one behind the loft tv right. Then they added one in our daughters room behind her tv when we didn't pay for that. Funny story about these outlets... Jim was there last Monday when the electrician, Procomm, and PM were in the house. Procomm requested that he come to ensure proper placement of the tv wiring. While he was there the PM asked Jim to specify where the extra outlets went. PM then proceeded to mark them for the electrician. They still weren't installed! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the one behind our daughters tv. But you now owe us the ones we paid for. 

-Apparently there was confusion with our recessed lighting. PM called us to tell us there were too many lights on their sheets. I guess when we're we first sketching everything out and figuring out costs they never removed the extras off the sheet. Well, before they figured it out they installed 4 recessed lights in the master. SCORE! I have to say I was pretty happy about this. They are still there so I'm guessing they aren't going to take them out. Exciting! I really wanted those but I couldn't stomach the $600! -

-We thought we were getting a soaking tub, but it's a jetted tub. SCORE! 

I'm feeling better about things. It's amazing what a few free can lights do for your morale even if it is a mistake. Haha. The jetted tub is an added plus. I feel like the Ryan Homes fairy has come along and sprinkled happy things in the house. Haha. 

I'm sure Jim will be here tomorrow to give you the run down on the meeting.I'm hoping for a closing date in November, so keep your fingers crossed for us. 

Have a good night all!  


  1. Woohoo! Glad for movement in the right direction! I will say that the electrical outlets always seem to be kind of messed up. We had a lot of the same thing too, but they eventually get fixed. We added an outlet in the master closet, then they drywalled over it - ha! They fixed it eventually.
    So happy for all of your extras! Now fingers crossed it keeps moving along quickly!

    1. I remembered reading about them drywalling over your outlet. I'm half paranoid that I should go and mark them somehow so they don't cover them! Haha.

      I'm hopeful that the forward movement continues. I really want to be in the house by November sometime. Perferably early...

  2. I am joining LuLu in being super happy about your progress. Your home will now be finished in no time!!! Kudos for all your goodies too!

  3. I'm SOO happy that they're moving forward with you guys, finally!! I think the Ryan Homes fairy was looking out for you and I'm so glad! You guys deserve a free deck or something for all the crap you've gone through! I love those mistakes when it's in our favor! We got a few extra outlets due to mistakes on their end so that was awesome! I hope they keep things moving and maybe add a couple more happy mistakes for you!