Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our blog sucks.

Hey guys,

I see you all have had big time progress. Some have cabinets, some have siding, others have beautiful tile, and still others are weeks away from closing. I'm trying not to be too envious. 

Here's where we are:
Look familiar? It's because there has been nothing done since the last post. Nothing. The home that started two weeks after ours is now being drywalled. The house across the street that just got started two weeks ago is just about to pass us as far as progress. Every single day I drive by and there is no one in our "shell". We have no HVAC and no electric. Plumbing is ALMOST done. 

To say I'm bummed is an understatement. I read everyone's blogs when I put our daughter down for her nap. Every single day those of you who started a week or two before us jump further ahead. I'm happy for all of you and so sad for us. 

Here's a quick recap of this week:

-I realized that along with our missing window we have three broken windows.

-We have a French door as our option and it's sitting in the garage. The one piece of work they did do this week was install a sliding door. WRONG. I emailed the PM and he claims it will be corrected. 

-There has been a few inches of standing water in the house since it has started. I saw the pump going to get it out finally. Our basement stairs have been sitting in that water for about 4 weeks now. At this point I want new stairs. I know the lumber is treated but I don't think it's treated to sit in water for weeks. 

-it rained a LOT when we were first framed. There was insulation sitting in the middle of the family room when all that rained happened. It was dirty and wet by the time the storm was over. Guess where that insulation is? Stuffed in the wall between our master tub and the wall. Isn't that nice? 

Readers, I promise you I'm not a drag. I'm actually a fun person. I laugh. I live. I have good times. I wanted this to be a happy chronicle of events. At this point I feel like Ryan is Dracula and I'm the victim while they suck the happiness and life out of me. One week they were on a mad dash to do work, now it sits. Today more severe weather rolls in. We are still missing windows so I'm sure our basement will fill back up.... More delays. 

How exciting. 

Everyone else your homes look beautiful! I'm hoping at this point we will be in by the New Year. Still no pre drywall date either. Pretty ridiculous at this point to be at week 6 1/2 weeks and still hanging here with the "shell".

Ryan Homes I know you read these blogs. Do something, ok? 


  1. Bridget - I hate this for you. Do you know why it's just sitting around? Have they given you a reason. I must agree that I would want new stairs too. I really don't understand how they are being so terrible to you guys? I'd be demanding an explanation - but it seems like you get nowhere. I'm sorry :(

    1. I agree with new stairs as well! It would be nice if Ryan provide you with some answers! This is not a good look for them and most certainly not fair to you all! I try to provide encouraging words (although it's hard to hear when you are hearing it all the time), but just hang on tight! Something has AND WILL change soon. Don't give up!!! I will continue to send some positive vibes your way.

    2. I've emailed the Vice President and I'm still waiting for a reply. I did demand an explaination now. After everything we have been through in this process I'm expecting answers. I think I'm most upset with the wrong things being installed because that goes to show the utter lack of communication across sales to building.

      At this point I plan on telling them to put in new stairs. I won't take no for an answer.

    3. Eboni- thank you very much. I'm trying to remain hopeful and positive but I'm just so drained. I am simply going to put this is God's hands now before I commit a felony...

  2. Bridget, i'm so sorry you guys are having such a crappy experience. Hopefully it will get going soon. Early in our build we a time period where nothing was being done, and it's very frustrating. There are still things about the process that I don't get, like the order in which peoples homes get started. When we came off contingency the lot across the street from us was on a hold, but their home was started before are's, this had me ticked off in the beginning. There are other things, but mostly little. I've been following your blog from start, so i've read all the issues you guys have had, and it sucks.

    Hang in there, and maybe plan a nice vacation for when it's all over.

    1. Frank- the vacation plan is already in motion... Haha!

      It's so discouraging. I drove by today and the house across the street that started three weeks ago is completely framed with all windows and doors in place. Once the roof is on they pass us. We are at 6.5 weeks. It's so frustrating. I had to hold myself back from going in the model home and making a scene... They were selling a house to someone. I don't want to ruin anyone else's experience like Ryan has done to us.

  3. I'm so sorry you're still going through this! I was really hoping things would get better! I know I'd be struggling to stay positive too. We had a really rough road in the beginning and I felt so upset about the whole process so I can sympathize with you. Hopefully they provide you with an explanation, because this is just ridiculous. I'm crossing my fingers for you and hoping that the VP actually reaches out to you and gets things moving (for real this time)!

  4. Oh this sounds so stressful! Maybe request a sit down meeting with the VP and the PM. Air all your issues at once and let them answer. Wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a third party, an inspector of sorts. We had some water in our basement and it didn't get concrete poured FOREVER, my PM didn't even think of putting stairs in. Keep fighting and don't give up- definitely pay for your own inspections! This all feels so high schoolish to me, as in "I can't believe that bitch looked at my boyfriend so I'm gonna make her life hell" because you caught on to their BS in the beginning. Unacceptable!

    1. Chrissie-

      I sometimes think you are a long lost sister... Haha. I spoke to the VP and the PM's boss. At this point we are getting the normal Ryan Homes scripted run around. We had hired a 3rd party inspector prior to even starting the home. He's just waiting for pre drywall. Some of the things I've seen already are so stupid, such as wet insulation. I told the VP that I want the stairs replaced as well. Our inspector will check everything too.

      I know that change order for the French door totally was not relayed properly to the construction team. The PM just stated that he never got it. It's total high school shit at this point with them.