Friday, October 24, 2014

Drywalling and brick delivered

Looks like the last coat of drywall mud is on and just needs to be sanded. We got our brick and fireplace stone delivered. Right now the brick is a hard call, it's coated in brick dust and other byproducts of manufacture, so honestly to me it doesn't look all that hot to me. But I know once it's set and cleaned off, it should look much, much better. 

All is looking pretty good, BUT the half wall for the morning room is crazy out of plumb, and my eye saw it right away. I'll bring it up to our PM. I would imagine this gets plumbed when the cabinets are installed, but I'm taking no chances. 

The leaning tower of morning room

Brick delivered

Fireplace stone (nothing like just leaving it chill out front free for the taking. Ha)
Living room
Morning room


  1. Looks good, other than the warped wall. I noticed on our house that once the drywall was complete everything moved super fast.

  2. Things are going to be moving quick now!!! We plan on bringing a level to the house to be able to point the warpy-walls out. Glad your bricks are there - we are still waiting on our exterior stone and fireplace stone.