Friday, October 17, 2014

Home Inspection

Been a bit since I've blogged since we've been busy and also feeling a bit salty. Ha. The same day (14th) we had the predrywall meeting with the PM, we then had our own independent home inspector come in. 99% was good news and he was impressed with the overall general construction so far. Below I'll post the main concerns from the report and then what our PM did to resolve. There was more on the report than I'm posting below, but it was pretty minor things not even worth posting.

PM related that bolt was replaced and problem corrected. 
PM related extra bracing was added and he used foam in between some pipes to make sure there would be no knocking or hammering noise. 
PM related that the HVAC Contractor will come back out and this will be corrected to make them accessible. 

Overall I highly recommend hiring your own Inspector. Even though pretty much everything was minor, that gives you good peace of mind that the right things are being done. 

As the inspection was wrapping up, the insulators were coming in, and today drywall is starting. So it's coming along. 


  1. I am glad everything was looks like your PM is on it!

  2. Agreed that hiring an inspector was a great investment! Glad it wasn't anything major!

  3. Do you remember how much did your private inspector charge you?