Monday, October 5, 2015

10 months in!!

What is up with all of you Ryan home builders?!? I feel like I haven't been here in forever. When you move in its such a whirlwind. I just wanted to blog to touch base as well as keep a record for us!

So how's your decorating? I am 95% complete now. There are a few more things I need for the walls. I also want to print some canvas prints of family photos for decor too. Then a few more just decorative things. I can't find anything that I really love unless it costs thousands so I think I need to hit the lotto! Haha. 

So I asked for coffered ceilings in the dining room for Christmas. LOVE THESE and it's something Jim can do. We might even carry them into the living room too. Fancy, right? I will be sure to update if I get them for the holidays! 

We also had a deck built. People, I can not stress enough that you need to hire a quality contractor cause we were so fooled. We hired a company to do our fence which we were super pleased with. I told Jim that we should get a quote from them for a cedar deck. Well it was in our budget so we decided to go ahead. I've never been so frustrated(well encrypt for with a certain SR here) with a company in my life. They misrepresented that they were the ones who would be doing the work when it was sub contracted out to a different company. Well that company had ZERO pride in work. I could keep going on and on about how crappy they really were but I don't want to get mad again. We ended up with a substantial discount due to their negligence while Jim has been redoing it over the past three weekends. He's currently staining it so that's why it's half one color. I will post pics when it is done! 

This is also something else I asked for. The Naples really has the saddest little "mud entry" so I want to do a built in like this. One project at a time, one at a time... Lol. 

As far as the house goes it's settling. Not too bad but a good amount of nail pops and cracks. We haven't scheduled our 12 month yet so that should get resolved then. We are STILL waiting on this driveway to get rectified. The service manager assured us it would be in the fall but here's fall and we are still waiting. We also still have siding issues. A lot of homes in here do. We are a Hardie board community and it seems they didn't know how to install it. It's very windy so you can hear them flap in the wind. I've been trying to stay on top of the SM to get it taken care of but I think the entire house needs to be face nailed. 

So what's going on with all of your homes? Let me know! I've missed you all! 


  1. Love your ceiling in the dining room! This is such a great look! I am sorry to hear about the deck company. Recently, a story made our local news about a bunch of people in the next community over who hired a company for fences and decks and turned out he was 'overloaded' with work and kept all their money! You are so right...make sure you know who you are getting to do the work. Again, I am so sorry you all had to go through that! I am glad you are able to re-work the work!
    I will look forward to your updates!

  2. Thanks Eboni! Oh, that's only the IDEA of what Bridget wants in the dining room. Lol. I still need to do the day.

    1. Ohhhh I totally jumped the gun there. If you weren't so far away, I would have you pay me a visit! Kudos to you!! Now I'm even more excited to see it. #NoPressure LOL

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  4. Hi, sorry to hear about your contractors! ugggghhh!! I was working on a separate project where I hired a contractor to gut and renovate a condo and the experience was horrible! I have never met with such contention in my life. I ended up working with Lowes to finish order a new kitchen and hiring electricians, plumbers etc to finish it since the contractor deserted our project. I plan to mitigate my damages once it's complete. I am happy to see that things are shaping up for your home. I love the coffered ceilings. They had such character to the home and the living may be jealous if you leave it out. :-) We back in the building process. Please feel free to join our site at I am excited about this new home. We finished another build that has some great tips at Nice meeting you. Glad you are still here to share your decorating ideas. I will continue to follow.