Monday, July 4, 2016


Hey all! Long time no talk to! How have you all been? How are your homes? Let me know in the comments! 

Well, I'm here with some pretty upsetting news. If you've been following our blog you know that we got a defective driveway. It's basically crumbling before our eyes. We've been in the house a year and a half at this point. I can tell you that I love our house. We've had no large issues with the interior at all. Then it comes to this driveway where EVERYONE is passing the buck. If you recall we had the owner of the concrete company here to look at the disintegration. He ADMITTED to me that it was poured way too late in the season where the temps hit below freezing for ten days straight. The concrete never had a chance to set. At the end of last year we had our 10 month review where the service manager Dick stood in my kitchen and ASSURED Jim and I that the driveway would be replaced as soon as the weather broke. 

I talked to Dick in the spring and he said that we were "last on the list" but it would get done "in June". Well, here we are with no driveway while it just washes away everytime it rains. I'm at the point where I printed a rather large banner for the front of my house that says," Before you by Ryan please look at my driveway. Lots of lies in the company." They are still actively selling homes in here so I think that could get some attention. I've added some pictures for you to see for yourself. Let me know what you think of my plan! Is it good or should we skip straight to litigation? 

Spalling and pitting that extends the length of the driveway. 

The assorted cracks that have started appearing everywhere. 

Cracked walkway leading into the house. This has been cracked since a week after we moved in. 

A better view of the pitting.
At the downspout where the driveway is literally washing away each time it rains. 

What do you all in the blog world think we should do? 


  1. Sorry to hear the bad news, we have some cracks in our garage but we're told that it's normal and should only be concerned if they grow larger then 1/4 inch wide. Have you spoken to Dick recently about getting the repair scheduled?

    1. Hi Owen!

      We get the cracks. I understand that when things settle they will crack. This is just flaking right off to where you can see the aggregate. It's really bad. I've spoken to Dick and he claims they are going to do it but I've heard that for almost a year now.... It's kind of getting old. I put a the first service request in 2/27/15. They admitted it was bad in June.lof 15. Why am I still waiting a year?

  2. Hmm, keep us updated as we are considering building a Milan in Shorewood with Ryan Homes. We're about a year out from starting construction on anything so watching and considering options at this point. Are most people pretty happy with their homes there?

    1. Hi there!

      Most in here are pretty happy! Overall we have been very pleased with the interior buy the issues really lie in the exterior. The crews they hire for the Hardie board siding did not to a great job so we have been intermittently dealing with that as well. The driveway is the biggest pain so far! Interior wise it's been great. No huge issues here.

      Most of the neighbors we talk to have been pleased! Our house is going on two years old and I really have zero complaints interior wise. Most of the complaints I've heard in here have been extremely petty and Ryan does always try to fix it in a timely fashion.

      When you get into the building process do hire an independent inspector for pre drywall as well as pre settlement. You are spending a ton of money on the home so it's very worth it for you to see what you are getting.

      Jim and I run a Facebook group where people share their experiences on Ryan. If you would like to join there are quite a few homeowners from here in Shorewood on the board too! Here is the link:

      If you have any more questions please ask!

    2. Thank you. They are advertising that they have a 3rd party inspector that they have come check on things. Would you still get your own however?

  3. Steven- ABSOLUTELY! Ryan homes is a company who has their bottom line in their best interests. You definitely want to hire your own "team" to be on your side. Amber and the other sales girl sweet talk you to no end about how their homes are so amazing. We all know anything built by man is not perfect.

    Our inspector found a few things. While they were not huge problems they were problems that would have caused us issues in the long run. They will also ask you to not visit the house while it is under construction but Jim and I came daily. That was how we kept tabs on what was going on. We would wait until everyone was gone from the house then game on! Lol. If you need tips on how to get in after they lock it feel free to ask.

    We blogged from beginning until end just so we have a record. If you guys have time I highly suggest it. Then you can recall dates and events should an issue arise.

    Please feel free to ask anything you need!

    1. That was my gut thought was to still get our own. I hear you on looking at the house regularly. I'd be too excited not to keep tabs on the progress. I had a townhome built with Pulte Homes years ago and they were fine with letting you in as often as you liked to look at it. It was a really nice townhome but we grew out of it quickly as our family grew.
      Definitely going to consider doing a blog as well.