Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Moving kicks your butt!

Laying in bed after another very hectic day. No pictures or anything yet. We'd like to not have the house look like a bomb went off in it. Lol. 

Few updates:
-Cabinets are fixed. Fingers crossed that when granite slab gets here all is well. 
-Window well fixed. These 2 poor guys were out in 36 degree wet weather hand digging all around the egress well of the basement. They get props for busting their butts. 
-Shower is fixed, zero leaks. 

-Got our Fridge and washer/dryer delivered. The Fridge is a beast and barely fit in through the house!
-Painting has begun. We're using a guy Bridget's family has used for 15 years. Old school simple guy that does great work. I almost feel bad with how little he charges for the quality of work done. 

Ok, that's a quick nutshell recap. Time for bed!

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