Friday, December 5, 2014

Some shoutouts to NVR and our PM

Have to give kudos to NVR. I really expected this to be the worst part of the process from others blogs. I was prepared to use anyone but NVR. But in actuality, this was super smooth. I know this all has to do with the luck of the draw with who you get, but our Loan Officers were excellent. They kept great contact, I felt like they worked in my best interest and were very transparent. No hidden costs and beat the other mortgage company I was comparing. Never any pressure and zero lost paperwork. 

When it comes to mortgages, I really believe you need to keep yourself in the driver's seat. If they need paperwork, get it to them without delay. Have your records in order and know your finances. I loved the fact that almost everything I needed to do could be either emailed or scanned. No need for faxing, mailing or going into the office. So they get a "10". 

I do have to say our PM did a great job overall. In particular these last several days. The guy was literally on his hands and knees doing touch ups and trying to make things right. He got crews on scene right away to correct issues and certainly stayed late last night. 

So the 2 standouts from our experience was NVR and the PM. 

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