Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A few pictures of homes currently underway in Towne Center and more SR drama...

Rome, I really kind of love this blue siding!

 Pretty sure this is a Milan. Our neighbors! 

A Venice! 

Our community model. A Rome. 

5 houses in the cul de sac, all in various stages of completion. I will take better pics next time! There really is a variety of elevations in our community, so I hope the pics will help others out! 

Our SR has officially crossed to my bad side. We told her we would be in to sign a change order for our pendant lights (why this option isn't standard in Ryan Homes when they are shown in EVERY model is beyond me). She had told us previously she would be on vacation but would leave everything for us. Guess what?!? Other SR knew nothing. No change order, no answer to the water softener question, and no answer to what the final amount of our deposit was. He was so apologetic. We kept telling him it wasn't his fault at all. I felt bad that he was in the middle of it. He promised he would find everything out and get back to us ASAP. 

Oh and the BEST part she failed to tell us? We have a tentative break ground date of August 11th! Thank you so much SR! 

Thankfully he is there to help. I really wish he sold us our home...


  1. Hi! I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your SR! Ours was good overall, but she definitely had her faults especially once it came down to our final selections meeting and after that. We had a really unique situation happen though where they told us our home didn't fit on our lot last minute which ended up delaying us for a month. After that happened she upped her niceness (my blog is http://palermonewbeginnings.blogspot.com/ if your curious on more details - it was awful!).

    Anyways, I love the Naples! It's a beautiful house! We probably would have looked into it but they didn't offer it in our community. Hopefully everything else goes smoothly for you! If I were you I'd cc the other SR on all of my emails to your current SR since it seems like he's much more responsive. Hopefully, by doing that your current SR will step her game up or the other SR will keep you more updated. We break ground July 17th so our build schedules are pretty close so I'll definitely be checking in on your progress!

  2. I just got up to speed with your situation. I would have been furious. Don't you love when they tell you, "oh, Ryan can't do that". Yes, they can and the SHOULD compensate you for their mistakes. I'm glad it all worked out.

    Doesn't it feel like the time is just dragging by? We are tentative for August 11th, but our community is FAR from busy, even though they like to tell you they are. We are hoping for a little bump up.

    1. I was furious! It was awful. Everything worked out in the end, and thankfully my boyfriend remained calm because otherwise I would have snapped.

      Time is seriously dragging! We do have our pre-construction meeting next week though so I'm hoping this week will go by quickly! Hopefully they don't sway from your tentative date! Crossing my fingers for you!

    2. Hi!

      I'm hoping they do not play with our start date either. No matter what my SR tells us when we go in you can plainly see the aren't busy at all. When we originally went in April they had a whopping 14 lots sold in about a year. Now, here it is in July and they are up to 16... Every time I talk to the SR she is soooooo busy and sooooo swamped. Two of the lots have a sold sticker on them, but zero activity for over two months. That's fishy to me. I almost think that they are trying to create this crazy hype when at the end of the day they truly aren't that busy. There are also about 5 other builders in about a 5 mile radius so their competition is really strong.

      If they move our date I would probably want to fight her. Ha ha ha!

    3. Also, any questions or things they tell you at the pre meeting please let us know! I'm trying to make a list and I feel like I'm forgetting things!

  3. Bridget, I found your blog, thanks for following mine.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your SR drama. You would love ours, she's been great. During our pre-con meeting our PM told us that after we settle Ryan asks you to fill out a survey for the SR and PM. They both told us if at any point we feel that they don't deserve a ten, then to let them know. When you get to the survey time, let her have it.

  4. Oops, I forgot to you leave you this link about questions for your PM. Hope it helps a little.

    1. Hi Frank! Thanks for the list!

      I truly hope they still don't do textured ceilings... That is so 80's. I would seriously be sick. That's a good question to ask. This is a great list to start off with. I don't know if I will be able to go to the meeting too because we have a toddler. She would be LOSING it being in the model for 2 hours... LOL! I'm sure my husband will be around to see this too!

    2. I'm quite sure they don't do textured ceilings by us. Lol