Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bye bye 2443... :(

I'm having a particularly sad day. We close on our old house at 2:30pm. I'm not sad for the closing, but I'm sad because it was such a huge chapter of our lives together. We got engaged in front of the kitchen sink at 8am one morning, got married, had our first baby there, and remodeled it to our exact specifications. Until our daughter came along we were sure we had enough space... Surprising how much space one child takes up. 

So we packed up the house, our three dogs, our cat, and ourselves. I'm hoping we get a call this week that the permits are in. We are about 40 days since we signed and our slow-to-respond SR said they usually break ground at 60 days. I'm hoping it happens with no delays. 

So bye bye 2443. You were a great house with many great memories I will forever cherish. I hope you make the new owners as happy as you made us! 

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  1. You are going to make so many memories in your new and beautiful home in just a few short months! When we look back on this we will realize it in fact was only a short period of time and we get to enjoy it forever. I literally was thinking about this same fact this evening. But always treasure those memories you had! Life is a bunch of seasons and you are just moving forward to another. :) <3