Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2nd floor and new PM

Today was a pretty good day. Gorgeous weather out and the 2nd floor is up. We also got to meet our new PM along with our soon to be old PM in a meeting. While we liked our current PM, I think he might have been too much of a "nice guy" with the Trades. The new PM seems like an old school contractor who will put leather up the butts of any slacking workers. He seemed personable enough, but you can tell he's no nonsense and will get up in it. We like that. Hopefully tomorrow a roof. We also got some great close out deals at Restoration Hardware that brought some items into affordable range. 
Living room with fireplace
Morning room (love our view! It will be cut back, but will never have neighbors)
Living room
3 car garage

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  1. Love the view you guys have. Good luck with your new PM.