Monday, September 1, 2014

Decoration ideas

Hope everyone is having a safe Labor Day. Since no work will be done today on the house, might as well go over some decorating ideas. I'm a pretty lucky guy because my wife does not like girly frilly decorations, she actually wanted the stag head below! We are doing our house in kind of a modern rustic feel. Not like a log cabin, but cleaner yet still warm and inviting. We think all the below will go with our handscraped floors. So I hope this all looks good and not goofy. 

Media center, coffee table, sofa table and sideboard will all be this style. 

Above the couch centered between the windows. Will do picture frames on each side. 

This will be on the fireplace mantel. The 2 clocks will be grouped together on one side and the gear on the other. In the center I'm going to make a long reclaimed wood "trough" to hold the candles. These are flameless and really cool. 

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  1. Love the rustic look! Love everything you guys have picked out!