Friday, September 5, 2014

Concrete is poured

Not too much to post. Over the past week the electrical, sewer and water have been run. Preparation for framing and our materials have been delivered. Have to love how all the windows and exterior doors are just left in a heap on the ground. And today the basement and garage floors were poured. Shockingly (sarcasm) we've had even more rain, so basement is already flooded. Pics kind of stink, was hard to get good angles. 


  1. At least they were able to make some progress, and I know what you mean about the widows and doors. We had one with a crack through it and an entire pane of glass on the sliding door was shattered.

    1. I plan on going through them very carefully. We also will have our own independent Inspector and I'll let him know to be meticulous. Also if our front door shows and dents/dings we'll make them replace it. You would think fragile items prone to breakage would be handled more carefully.