Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dining room lighting.

Well, I was on the fence about the upgrade since it's crazy expensive...

Then I just got a reward certificate, and had a 15% off code. 

So I did it.... 

Pottery Barn Clarissa Large Chandelier, you are mine. 

Jim, enjoy the 552 crystals you have to put on by hand. 

Have a good day everyone!!! 


  1. I WILL be allowed to drink a 6 pack for the night while I'm putting all those crystals on. Ha.

  2. 552 crystals? Jim must be a saint :)
    Gorgeous though and well worth the effort!!!

  3. Oh my, this is stunning! I'm currently rolling my eyes at my chandelier in the morning room!

    1. Chrissie- my biggest dislike is builder lighting. It screams "builder grade". It's so annoying. I had to get rid of it!