Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here goes nothing!


My name is Bridget, and my husband is Jim. We are in our thirties and have an 18 month old! We currently live in an older home that we remodeled completely. Problem is it is only 1369 square feet. Since our daughter came along we are out of space. Long story very short we stumbled upon the Shorewood Towne Center Ryan development and just loved it. We met with the sales rep there a few days later to do some figures and numbers. We then visited a few resales, and also another subdivision but ultimately decided Ryan was the way we wanted to go!

Now to sell our house...

Well that only took 2 days...

So as of July 16th we close on our current house. We signed papers with Ryan on June 14th.  We will be moving in with family for the time being until our home is completed.

That's our story to start! We have decided to build the Naples plan. It is really the plan that fit our needs, and the price allowed us to do the upgrades we liked. Either Jim or myself will update as to where we are in the process. We just signed the "no changes, final sale" papers yesterday. We were two weeks ahead of time but we want to be in the house by Christmas!

We will catch everyone up to speed shortly!

Naples... Here we come!


  1. Congrats on your soon to be home! We loved the Naples, it's the house we originally thought we'd go with. We decided the Rome was a slightly better fit for us but there are still elements of the Naples that I believe surpass the Rome.
    GL living with family... we just got done with that exact scenario and it is... not easy.
    Not sure if you've seen it but there is another blogger who built a very, very pretty Naples somewhere in Illinois last year... http://illinoisnaples.blogspot.com/

    1. Yup, we already know to say living with family is going to be challenging to put it mildly. We hope they build fast. Ha.

      We actually drove passed the house of the blogger. The community she's in is where they have the Naples model. Her area is very nice.