Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our voyage so far.

As you already know we are building the Naples model. Before finally settling on the Naples we went back and forth between the Rome (too big), the Milan(too small), and the Naples(just right). When we first visited Ryan there was not much by way of incentives so we decided to play the waiting game. I am SO GLAD we did. 

The first incentives offered were: 

-$5000 total off incentives

Now, all of you who have built with Ryan basically know that this takes care of a cabinet upgrade, a few can lights, and crown moulding on your cabinets. We decided to walk away at that time and see what the following months held. This also gave us time to visit resales and other developments. 

Fast forward to June and these were our incentives:

-Elevation B with a FULL brick front. 

-Free morning room.

OK! Where do we sign!?! The full brick front was really what sealed the deal. They do use Hardi Board siding in our community but I did not want a full siding house. 

These are the options we went with. We did not do a ton of cosmetic changes because Ryan is slightly insanely priced. 

-Naples elevation B with full brick front

-Morning room (14,995)

-Additional windows in morning room ($990)

-3 car garage (10,995)

-3 piece rough in basement (1,595)

-Kitchen gourmet island (2.495)

-Kitchen cabinet upgrade (3,195)

-Cabinet crown moulding (595)

-Appliance upgrade to SS (this originally was 2,195, it ended up being much cheaper) (595)

-Gas fireplace with stone (6,990)

-Master bath upgrade with soaking tub/separate shower (4,495)

-Vanity cabinet upgrade in both bathrooms (1,190)

-Metal balusters (1,695)

-Humidifier (995)

-lighting, procom, and ceiling fans (4,000)

So far that is where we are with Ryan. I hope these prices help someone out. I know when we initially started looking at Ryan I could not find many lists. Next my husband will jump on and talk about NVR so far! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations on selecting your RH home. Those are all nice selections. I look forward to seeing your house come together

    1. Thank you! I love how your house is coming together too!

      Your puppy is seriously adorable. We have 3 German Shepherds as well, so I know all too well how much fun you are having right now!