Thursday, June 26, 2014

Naples Floorplan

Here is the floor plan we went with. We had to go with the reverse plan to fit on our lot. Added morning room, gourmet island, stone fireplace, upgraded master bath, 3 car garage (I couldn't add it on the Interactive Floorplan because it doesn't play nice with an iPad).


  1. LOVE the size of the family room. That is my biggest concern with our home - the size of the family room. I like a deep family room that can be cozy, so I'm just going to have to work with what I've got and enjoy it. :) And I love your second floor layout. The loft is a perfect use of space instead of a 5th bedroom. We initially were looking at a Rome vs. Naples in a neighborhood back in the fall and we loved the homes because of the loft areas and large masters but ultimately the prices had gone up too steep and the incentives were not right for us so we chose not to pursue them. We thought that they may do the Naples/Rome/Venice etc. models in our community until we realized they were going for neotraditional because we had never heard of neotraditional. But again, I cannot wait to see your progress! Beautiful home to be built!

  2. Thank you, we'll be following you too! It's interesting to see different plans that aren't around you. The family room was the big seller for us. We will probably honestly spend 80% of our time in the kitchen/morning/family room area.

  3. I love this floorplan, we were originally going to go with the Naples, but we changed to the Milan. The master bedroom is HUGE with the Naples. The family room is very big as well. Great choice.

    1. Hi Tino-

      We originally went back and forth between the Milan too! Both have their positives so we would have liked both. The Rome was way too big for us.

      Where are you building? Do you have a blog?