Friday, June 27, 2014

NVR vs. Wells Fargo

Shortly should be getting my new GFE from NVR. My Loan Officer from Wells Fargo said he's confident he can easily beat anything NVR offers, so we shall see. Once I get my new NVR GFE I'm going to send it to Wells Fargo and see what they can do. And then if Wells Fargo beats, I'll see how NVR responds. We're only tied into $6000 of incentives by using NVR. The rest of our discounts were not dependent. So I'll give updates to see how this showdown goes.


  1. NVR is going to sell your mortgage to Wells Fargo anyway before you make your first payment.

  2. Ha, I figured as much. I'll at least get them into a conpetition with each other to reduce fees.