Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NVR...so far, so good

So far things have gone smooth with NVR, but I'm still waiting for full approval. Amy W. is my Loan Officer and she has been VERY timely and responsive. So far all the horror stories I have read have not happened, but I know we're early in the game.

On the positive side for us is that we'll be very easy people to approve. My job is stable with consistent pay to report. No other crazy financial circumstances, and once our current house closes and the sale is complete, we'll be credit card debt free. My FICO is currently good, but I expect at least a 50+ point jump once all debt is paid. So currently I was quoted 4.5% for a 30 year conventional loan which I'm not thrilled with, but once I go above 720 FICO, it will then drop. 

My word of advice is I have every document they need on PDF. From W-2's, to tax returns, bank statements and pay stubs. I don't believe in old school copies and faxes. This way Amy W. has the forms and can shoot them off to whoever needs them. And if by chance something is lost, I can resend it in a matter of minutes. 

I'm also getting another quote from another mortgage company so I have something to compare NVR to. So far the Good Faith Estimate doesn't seem out of line. 

I'll report on whatever good or bad I experience. The only thing I'm anticipating is the approval going slower than some places. But so far Amy W. has been top notch. 

So in under 2 weeks we give them the remainder of the 5% down and by then hopefully approved. When that happens, ground will get broken!

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