Thursday, June 26, 2014

NVR, so far still pleased

So far the communication from NVR continues to be very good. I was informed I was just sent to Underwriting and should hear back in 1-3 days. I was also informed on what additional paperwork they will need, and it's very minor. Just will need my latest statement, when it is available, from stocks I cashed in. Will also need the HUD form for when the house we're selling closes. Well that couldn't be easier. Also when I have written an email, I have typically had them reply in under 1-2 hours. Hope this is the way the process remains. The biggest horror stories of the whole process I have read about building with Ryan has been NVR. So far this has been the easiest portion, hope this continues. The Chicago office appears to have their act together.


  1. Our experience with NVR Mortgage was fantastic! We tried to get them what they needed quickly ("help them help us" mentality). They always responded to us very quickly.

    1. That's our plan too, Jennifer. We have so many copies of everything, and made PDF's so it all can be sent easily. So far, so good!